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Affirm, Empower,
& Uplift Children
&Their families through literacy

Our Literacy Village is a space dedicated to providing parents with a wealth of resources, including reading strategies, book recommendations, interactive activities, and expert tips to support your child's literacy journey. Whether you have a toddler just beginning their reading adventure or a teenager looking to expand their literary horizons, Our Literacy Village has something for every parent.

Upcoming Events

a vibrant and inclusive literacy hub designed to connect parents with valuable literacy resources. We are excited to launch our Facebook platform, where you can join a community of parents passionate about fostering a love for reading in their children.

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Facilitated By 

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Jump at the Sun’s Infusion Curriculum Project is supports expanding our children’s understanding of what history is; that our collective story is not a single one, but one that’s made up of many untold stories.


Read Write Spell advances the Science of Reading by teaching, training, and advocating.


Reading Routes is a curriculum developed by parents for parents, providing a clear roadmap to help you assist your child with building their early reading skills.

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